20 Woodward Street

Newton Highlands, MA 02461

617 630 1999

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Two-unit project, Newton, MA

Design Challenge:

Design two townhouse units for a site in a predominately single-family neighborhood. Create a contextual design for a seamless appearance at project completion.


Utilize the depth of the lot to advantage. Set one unit behind the other, whereby from the street only one unit is visible, thus maintaining the stability of the single-family neighborhood.

The rear unit, with its entry off an auto court, takes on a very urban quality.

This unit is of equal size and amenity to the front unit, but with an unsurpassed privacy. It sits nestled in a grove of stately old oaks with an extremely tranquil patio.

The buildings’ shape, its use of siding materials and trim, fits the precedent of the neighborhood and was very well received.

Photography: Herve Donnezan

Builder: Priante Development

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