20 Woodward Street

Newton Highlands, MA 02461

617 630 1999

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Addition / renovation to private residence, Newton, MA

Design Challenge:

Upgrade a unique Victorian to the clients’ desire for a 21st century market savvy home while preserving the original architectural integrity and the unusually large side yard.


Respect, maintain and enhance the elegant design statement of the house. Remove the mismatched front porch and replace with a new design in harmony with the architecture.

The porch railing, with the use of contemporary materials, has details that echo patterns found elsewhere on the house.

The new program elements are concentrated in one new building form to the rear of the house with strong orientation and access to the restored large side yard to the left. This was accomplished by shifting the driveway to the right side and locating a new garage in the basement of the addition.

The façades of the new addition, as visible from the street, echo character, detail, and scale of the existing house in a complementary and respectful way.

Much of the interior as been preserved and restored with new bathrooms and the like seamlessly integrated. The heating system is radiant allowing for the removal of the cast iron radiators and the air conditioning is high velocity, minimizing the disrupting impact of large ductwork.

Landscape Architect: Roger Kallstrom

Photography: Architects 2

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